Why you should pay child support if you can’t afford to pay child maintenance

The mother of a 9-year-old boy from California was ordered by a California court to pay $7,000 in child support for the child who is currently under the age of 18.

The court also ordered the mother to pay an additional $3,000 per month for each child for at least one year.

The boy’s mother, Michelle Lee, was arrested on a warrant last month and charged with child support.

Lee, who was granted bail, is facing a total of $19,000 on child support and $15,000 for the costs of the boy’s medical expenses.

The 9-month-old son was taken into custody after the mother allegedly admitted to the court that the child was her child.

She is being held without bond.

Lee’s attorney, William D. Lee of the Lee & Lee Law Firm, told Breitbart News that Lee will be filing for divorce this week, the same day her son was arrested.

Lee was ordered to pay the $7000 in back child support in January.

The child support will not be paid until Lee’s son turns 18 and pays the child support monthly.

Lee has a joint custody agreement with her son, and the father of the child is also paying child support on top of the $15k payment.

Lee also has a child support order that requires her to pay about $1,000 every month for the next two years.

The father, who is not named in the court documents, was also ordered to take the boy to the county child welfare agency.

Lee told the court last month that she does not have enough money for her son’s medical bills.

She also told the judge that she could not afford to go to court to fight the child custody dispute.

Lee said she has “never been in a situation where she was in a position where she needed to pay a child for child support.”

The child supports were ordered in June and September.

Lee and her husband live in Southern California.

Lee is currently on paid parental leave from her job, and her son is now under her care.

She said she did not know that her son had been taken into the custody of the county.

The judge ordered Lee to pay her son $4,000 a month in child maintenance.

Lee had filed for divorce in March, claiming that the father was abusing his son, that Lee had lied about the child’s age and that the boy was her son.

Lee filed for separation in June, claiming the child did not belong to her.

Lee went to court last week to file for a divorce.

Her son was not at court last Friday, but Lee’s husband was there to watch the proceeding, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Lee will also be appealing the judge’s order.

Lee can appeal to the California Supreme Court, which could decide her case in the near future.

Lee reportedly had $100,000 left in her checking account.


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