Why is the ‘child play’ trend so popular?

When the word “play” first entered the English language in the 1700s, it was a very different idea to what we have today.

In 1789, for instance, a woman named Anne Boleyn wrote to her husband George: “I am very sick of children, I love them and would never marry them.”

In 1800, the word was also used to describe women who would not be a part of society.

But it was not until the late 1800s, when a group of artists including William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde created the term “child play”, that the term became more widely accepted and accepted for children.

In its broadest sense, the term describes a child’s play, which involves children playing together in groups, or in groups with adults.

This is different to the way we think of “family” and “school”.

We think of the children as people who are just like us.

But children have different social and emotional experiences and needs.

They can be very expressive and creative, or they can be bored and sad.

We don’t think of them as children, but rather as “children”.

And so, in our modern world, we use the term child play for the act of playing with, or otherwise relating to, a child.

This means that we are describing how a child engages with other children, including parents.

And it means that there is no “right” way to play with a child, or to give a child an “instrument”.

It is always about how you give your child something to do and how you make the experience fun and positive.

This idea of “parenting” is also a good one.

We all want our children to grow up to be good parents, to learn to be independent and to enjoy themselves.

We also want them to be happy and to make progress towards a better life.

So what is a good way to give children something to “play with” and make the process fun and rewarding?

What is a better way to spend time with a kid than with a parent?

There are many reasons that people might think of child play.

For some, it is a way to express affection, a way for children to explore their imaginations and to be creative.

And there are many other reasons.

Children have a sense of humour, which is very important for our wellbeing.

They are very sociable and friendly, and they are curious.

Children also need to be able to take care of themselves.

And they also need a strong sense of self-worth.

We are all born with an innate sense of the importance of self and our place in the world.

So it is important for us as parents to make sure that we have children who are “self-reliant” and who are strong, independent and caring.

When we do this, we also have a responsibility to teach our children how to be safe, to respect their boundaries, to be honest and to have a good relationship with others.

We want our child to know that “good” and safe means being gentle, good and kind, and that “bad” and unsafe means being rude, rude and destructive.

The idea of play can be a wonderful way to engage with our children.

But there are other aspects to it as well.

In the early 1800s when children were not encouraged to be involved in athletics, and when there were no schools for children, children often played on their own or in group activities.

And the idea of playing in groups was very popular in the Victorian era, with some authors even suggesting that “play is life”.

The word “group” means that you and your children are a part or part of a group, and the group is a place to go and have fun.

Children today play outside on the street, in parks, in schools and on beaches.

We do not see children playing alone in the playground, but we do see children with friends.

In many cases, children who play together are better behaved and enjoy their time together.

And we also do not think of playing as something that must be done in an enclosed space.

The children are free to explore and have the freedom to explore as they wish.

But for most children, it’s not safe to do that.

And that’s why we need to work to make it safe to have play.

What is play?

The word play was first used to refer to a kind of “play”.

It’s a game or activity where the person playing is involved in some way.

It may involve moving a piece of furniture, talking to someone, playing games, or even eating.

Children are generally not taught how to play, and their play is not usually well-supported by parents.

So the concept of playing has always been a very young concept.

It was first coined by William Shakespeare in the first half of the 17th century.

In 1633, Shakespeare wrote “play.”

He was not the first person to think of play. In


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