Why are women in Florida being told that they cannot get child support in Florida?

Child support in America has long been the subject of controversy, and the legal system has traditionally been the one to resolve it.

But a new report by Child Support Action Network (CANN) shows that many families are now being told by court administrators that the state cannot support children for up to six months.

The report comes after the state’s supreme court ruled last month that parents should be given six months to pay child support.

But a new study by CANN, published today, suggests that while the court’s ruling was a landmark, the fact that many states are now making the same decision is troubling.

According to the study, child support is the “one of the most misunderstood and least understood of the legal obligations of fathers.”CANN’s research found that while about half of child support cases are resolved by a court order, only about 20% of child custody cases are handled by the courts.

In addition, the majority of children support cases involve children under the age of 14, according to the report.

The study suggests that many of these child support orders are not based on facts, but instead are based on legal reasoning that is based on the belief that fathers are incapable of supporting their children.

The problem is that courts are failing to consider the children in custody when making these decisions.

In one case, a mother was told by a judge that she could not receive child support if her son was not physically present during the time period in which he was not required to be present, according the study.

In another case, the judge told a mother she could pay child maintenance payments to her son if he did not live with her for six months, despite the fact he was living with her.

The father did not even know his son was missing.CANN has written to the supreme court asking that it change the way child support and child custody decisions are made.

The organisation also wants to see a new child support policy that would be consistent with the US Constitution.

The Cancun Convention, which the US Supreme Court passed in 2015, is expected to take effect in June.


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