Which NBA players have been found guilty of child support?

A couple of years ago, a court ruled that two NBA players — Tim Hardaway Jr. and Klay Thompson — were in default on child support payments of $5,000 and $6,000.

That’s not an uncommon situation, and it’s one that would make most players blush.

But this time around, it’s not just a matter of money.

A court found Thompson guilty of paying child support from the age of 13 to 18.

“I have to pay for it, too,” Thompson told ESPN’s Chris Broussard.

Thompson was also charged with a misdemeanor count of failure to pay child support to his ex-wife.

(It’s also worth noting that the former girlfriend of Thompson was not named in the court documents.)

The ruling against Thompson is just one of many that have led to the demise of a number of NBA players.

Here are 10 other NBA players who have been in arrears for child support since 2009.


Derrick Rose Derrick Rose has spent years fighting for his ex, Amber Heard, who is now in a civil lawsuit over child support.

“We’ve been through this, and I have no regrets about it,” Rose said.

“My wife has made a mistake.

I have a wife and children and we’re fighting to get everything back.”

(Rose was the NBA’s all-time leader in games played, assists, steals and blocks.)

He said he was “bought off” by Heard’s attorneys when he was 13, and he said that his father had been trying to get him to work in the NBA since he was 4.

“He’s a great guy,” Rose told the Los Angeles Times.

I’m gonna be ready to fight.'” “

That’s why I always say, ‘I’m gonna get it right.

I’m gonna be ready to fight.'”


J.J. Redick In June, Redick, who had been suspended for violating the NBA Players Association’s substance abuse policy, said he would appeal his suspension.

“No matter what, I’m a competitor and I’ll never let anyone down,” Redick said.

(He also said that he was a father of a son.)

Redick is currently on a three-game suspension, which expires on Wednesday.

He is one of two players who has been in court to face the court in an arrear of child help.


Brandon Jennings Brandon Jennings is a free agent, and his father, Reggie, is seeking child support for his son.

“You have to be on your best behavior,” Reggie Jennings told the New York Times.

Jennings’ father is suing the team for more than $2 million.

“The only way he can pay is if I can get a job,” he told the Times.


Kevin Love Kevin Love has been on a suspension since February 2017, and the Heat are seeking to have his child support paid, per NBA rules.

“As a father, you’re always in a place where you have to step up,” Love told ESPN.

“So, if you’re not willing to do that, I don’t know where you go from there.”


Kevin Durant Kevin Durant has been suspended since June 2018, and Durant’s father, Robert, is suing.

“When my son was 3, my dad told me I was supposed to support him financially,” Durant said.

Durant, who also plays basketball for the Oklahoma City Thunder, is on a six-game “suspension” and has been prohibited from contact with his father since June 2019.


Kawhi Leonard Kawhi’s father has been fighting with the NBA for nearly a decade, and in June, the court ordered his son to pay a $3,000 court fee.

“Kawhi, if I could go back in time, I’d pay my mother back, too, because she was my mother,” Leonard said in a video for his father.

Kawhijah, who was born in 2011, has since been released from the court, but he still owes $10,000 in child support, according to the Los Angels Times.


Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnesons father is seeking a divorce, which Garnett is also appealing.

“If he wanted to go to court, I could, but I’m not going to,” Garnett said.


Kevin Anderson Kevin Anderson has been facing child support arrearies for more, according, to ESPN.

The 27-year-old has been a free-agent for the past two seasons, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported last month that the Los Gatos, California, native was on a two-year suspension for violating NBA rules regarding substance abuse.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on with my father and his lawyer, and as a result, there’s a huge amount of stuff on my father’s end that he’s not willing or


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