WATCH: WATCH: ‘Sugar Daddy’ star’s divorce comes amid ‘revolting’ affair

A former Sugar Daddy star and his former wife are divorcing, according to a report.

Kimberly Jacobs, 27, and her husband, Scott Jacobs, 34, filed for divorce Monday, according with TMZ.

The couple divorced on June 27.

A source told TMZ that the couple filed for separation after their “tense, emotional, and tumultuous relationship” that began in September of last year, TMZ reported.

Kim and Scott, a married father and son, have been friends for years.

In January, they got married in Hawaii and have been together since.

Kim also appeared in a reality TV show with Scott that aired in 2018.

In 2018, Scott and Kimberly Jacobs were awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for their work with children’s charity, Children’s Wish Foundation.

In the show, Kimberly is seen telling children she was once in a relationship with a man.

She also said she’s a sugar daddy.