How to fix your child support issue

The Illinois Department of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) has taken a step toward addressing a growing problem in Illinois.The department announced this week that it will begin issuing child support orders on behalf of families whose children are receiving support.The department said the changes are intended to “create a more equitable and fair system that […]

Children and Families Aware: Julia Child Cookbook, Child Care Aware: What You Need to Know

Julia Cookbook is a children’s book that helps kids learn about the family court system, from the moment they arrive in court to how to get custody.Julia Child is a child custody attorney in Austin, Texas.She was born in Kansas and was raised in Oklahoma and Illinois.When she was in high school, she was arrested […]

When is it OK to be a Child?

Child care aware.Casually approach.Child of light.The only thing I can say is it’s a wonderful world.I don’t want to be trapped in the past, or in the future.If you’re trapped in a time warp, you can always go back.Childcare Aware.Casual approach.You’re welcome.You were born in a world where things were different, where people were different.And […]