Paul Cushing: I can’t get out of this job

Cushing, the former basketball star, is now a public relations executive for a private firm.

A few weeks ago, he and a couple of his young children went to a grocery store in the affluent suburb of Bakersfield to buy milk and cheese.

The store was packed with young families and young children.

It was a moment of hope for Cushing and his family.

Cushing had just given birth to a daughter, Olivia, and his wife, Michelle, had been through two pregnancies, so they didn’t have much money.

But they were grateful for a place where they could feed the children.

“My wife, she didn’t know if she would be able to get food, and we just got out of the store,” Cushing said.

“But I could see she could.

It felt like a miracle.

It had to be a miracle.”

Cushing has spent the past several years trying to raise his daughter from a single-parent home.

After losing a high-profile paternity suit against his former coach, Steve Kerr, in February, Cushing found himself in the midst of a legal battle with his ex-wife and other ex-wives.

It turned into a whirlwind, with Cushing filing more than 150 lawsuits against them, including one for more than $2 million.

His lawyers have argued that the ex-spouses should pay for the medical bills that Cushing’s children must pay for.

In May, a federal judge in California threw out most of the lawsuits against Cushing.

The judge found that Cushers children would suffer if the ex wives filed more than half of the suits, and said the children were unlikely to recover.

Cushings case has gotten a lot of media attention.

Some have accused Cushing of fraud, of lying to the public and of stealing money from his ex wives.

But Cushing argues that most of his ex spouses didn’t file enough claims and that their claims were bogus.

He believes his ex wife, Kim, is lying and that she was paid millions of dollars for her silence.

In June, Cushing received a letter from his former ex-husband, who said his former wife had been paid millions by the ex husbands attorneys.

“I’m not surprised,” Cushinger said.

CUSHING SAYS HE IS BEING HIDDEN FROM HIS FAMILY’S MONEY “I think a lot more people are now starting to realize that my children are being victimized,” Cuddy said.

He added that his former spouse had told him he would never see his kids again.

The family lives in a small, two-story home in an affluent community in Bakersfields southern suburbs.

“When my kids are in school, we are the only people there,” Cuddys son said.

The Cushings are not the only family to file lawsuits against their ex-partners.

In February, two mothers filed lawsuits against former NBA star Kevin Durant and his former wives.

Both filed in federal court in Los Angeles.

The suit accused Durant of sexually assaulting their daughters.

“This is what they’re up against,” said Rachel Cushiger, a lawyer for one of the mothers.

“They’re being abused by the husband.”

Durant’s lawyer, Mark Zuker, declined to comment for this story.

“He has no reason to lie,” Cuddle said.

A couple of weeks after Cushin and his ex husbands filed their lawsuits, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant was arrested for child abuse.

The charges were later dropped.

In the wake of the case, Durant became the subject of a social media frenzy.

Durant has denied the allegations, but his ex partners attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against him.

Durant’s case has been the subject to the most attention in recent months.

Durant was fined $50,000 and suspended from the NBA for the first five games of the season, after being arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl.

Durant is scheduled to appear in court next week.

Cuddy has received death threats, including from the Oklahoma State Department of Public Safety.

Cuddle has filed numerous lawsuits against Durant and the Thunder’s other former players, including former NBA player Chris Webber.

His ex-wives attorneys have accused them of defrauding the Cushins and their children.

CUTTY SUDDENLY LOST SEX WITH KEVIN DURANT While he was playing for the Oklahoma Thunder, Kevin Durant, his ex husband and three other former teammates were accused of sexual misconduct with a young woman.

Durant and Cuddy were both suspended by the Thunder for the season.

Cuddies daughter, a freshman at Oklahoma State, was also accused.

“The truth is out there, and it’s a lot worse than what I’ve been told,” Cutchy said.


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