NJ: Child Support Scandal Scandal Leaves More Than 1,300 In Jail

NJ: Child support scam hits 1,285 in jail, up from 1,220 in July, according to NJ.com, which first reported the story. 

The state Department of Community Correction said it had received over 1,200 reports of child support issues, according to a statement on its website on Saturday. 

“The Department of Community Correction will continue to monitor the situation closely and make every effort to help the department reach the individuals they are tasked to serve,” the statement read. 

On Sunday, the state Department of Public Welfare said the number of cases in the system had risen from 1.6 million to 2.1 million, according the Associated Press. 

More than 1,100 people in the state of New Jersey were jailed on Saturday for child support fraud, including some who had been charged with criminal charges, the AP reported. 

According to the AP, the arrests came just as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was holding a meeting with President Donald Trump and his family to discuss child care issues. 

Christie has called the charges against him a scandal, and said that he would not comment on the charges. 

In an interview with the New York Times, Christie said that he was not surprised that the cases had risen, but said he didn’t think that those cases were totally random. 

 “There are a lot of people that are doing this, and they don’t know that there are others,” Christie told the Times. 

Trump said in a video that Christie was a very good guy and that his family wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

A source told The Hill that the cases included some involuntary custody orders issued for child support payments, which can be suspended for up to seven years, and cancelled orders for non-payment. 

As we reported last week, Christies lawsuit was not the first time the Republican governor has faced allegations of child support crimes. 

His lawyer Paul Aprile told the Hill last month that Christensen was never given a fair hearing during his legal process. 

During that trial, Newark police accused Christens lawyers of covering up the payments in order to get Christenson out of jail. 

This week, a source told The Hill that a state grand jury found Christening in contempt for failing to provide admissions to court, which could result in him being jailed for up to five years. 

Despite the scandal being coming to light in the state, a source told The Hill that Trump hasnt been disappointed in Christie. 

For all his favors for Christie, Trump told ABC News on Saturday that while he would not comment on the situation, he has great respect for the governor and would never say that it was any different than the other politicians. 

At his press conference, President Trump also said that his administration would take strong action against the people who are abusing the system to cheat their children out of payments and that there would be consequences for the fraudsters who took advantage of the children. 

CNN reported that some child support scammers have been arrested for offending the poor and have also been charged with murder. 

Meanwhile, Governors Donald Jarrett and Joe DiSigner have both declared their unwillingness to comply with Trump’s anti-child support demands. 

While DiSigner has declined to make child restrictions in exchange for a $1 million $2 million child care tax rebate for his state federal base taxes, Jared McDonald said on CBS that Governor DiSands needs to get back to work and get the law straightened out. 

If DiSIGNER does not do this by August 5th, Mcdonald said, “Then he should


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