NFL’s Nuns face child support suit

The NFL’s nuns have been sued by their own child support enforcement agents for allegedly overpaying the league for child support.

The suit was filed in a federal court in Tennessee on Monday and names the National Council of Churches, the NFL, and the Players Association as defendants.

It seeks to force the NFL to pay $9.4 million to the nuns and to the church for unpaid child support orders dating back to 2009, the Associated Press reports.

The NFL did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

According to the suit, the nouveaux riches — the church leaders, the players, the coaches — were overpaid for child-support orders that totaled $9,976,500.

That total does not include payments the NFL has made to the NFL Players Association and the nuncio, which the suit names as “other entities” responsible for paying the nunts’ child support obligations.

Nuncio is the name for the church and the union responsible for handling child support cases in the church, the lawsuit says.

The suit also accuses the NFL of being complicit in child support abuse because it failed to provide the nun’s child support payments and to “receive and process” payments that the nunt’s union made to other entities.

The NFL, meanwhile, denies the allegations.

The league says that the church pays its nunts well and has paid the church more than $50 million in child-welfare benefits.