How to get the most out of Destiny’s Child: a guide to getting the most bang for your buck

By now, Destiny’s Children’s Day is upon us, and the community has gathered in to celebrate and celebrate their favourite game.The release of Destiny 2 was a big deal, and we got a great deal of coverage on how it worked with the game being available on a new console (for now).The game, which features […]

Florida child support system ‘broken’ after child murder scandal

A Florida child welfare agency says its system is “broken” after a scandal that has led to the arrests of dozens of child molesters and resulted in the closure of nearly 30 facilities nationwide.Key points:Child advocates say the Florida system is broken, and advocates want it fixedThe agency’s top officials are under investigation for allegedly […]

Iowa child support award recipient: ‘I could have died’

Iowa child-support award recipient and former Child Protective Services officer Chauncey Smith has been honored with the Child Care Award for his efforts to end child abuse in the state, which he served for over 25 years.According to the award’s website, Smith, 65, is credited with saving the lives of nearly 20,000 children in the […]

Child labor laws may help save thousands of jobs

A child labor law passed in 2017 could save thousands more jobs for children working in hospitality, agriculture, and other sectors, according to a study published Tuesday.A bill passed in May 2018 to limit child labor to 15 hours a week by 2025 was aimed at helping those working in these sectors.Now, the study finds […]

How to avoid the Child Support Scam

Child support is a complicated topic, and there’s no single answer.Here’s what you need to know about the issue and what you should do if you think you might be in the child support line.1.Where does child support come from?The amount of child support you’re owed is based on the amount of income your family […]

Why the new ‘Catch Me If You Can’ video isn’t doing so well in the UK

2,000 new ‘catch me if you can’ videos will be made available to UK schools over the next year, the Education Department announced on Wednesday.┬áThe catch-me-if-you-can initiative is part of the Government’s “catch-me and teach” strategy, which has seen a range of new schemes introduced by the Department of Education to support disadvantaged pupils.“There are […]

Children and Families Aware: Julia Child Cookbook, Child Care Aware: What You Need to Know

Julia Cookbook is a children’s book that helps kids learn about the family court system, from the moment they arrive in court to how to get custody.Julia Child is a child custody attorney in Austin, Texas.She was born in Kansas and was raised in Oklahoma and Illinois.When she was in high school, she was arrested […]