New York Times writer ‘hasn’t written a book since 2013’

By KEN THOMPSONK | USA TODAY The New York Daily News’ Kevin Jonas has been writing fiction since 2013.

But after a tumultuous year, he has a different approach this time around.

“It’s a little bit more of a new approach to writing,” Jonas says.

“I think the hardest thing about writing fiction is being too serious.

I think that’s why there’s such a rush to get your story published.

It’s like, ‘Oh, you’re a good writer!

You’re so funny!

You can write about me!

And I’m going to like you!

You are amazing!’

And that’s a huge rush to publish your story, and then you’re like, I don’t want to get that.

I just want to write a good story.”

In 2018, Jonas penned a novel that won him a Nebula award.

Now, he’s taking a more literary approach.

“The novel that I wrote was a bit of a satire of our culture, and so it was really meant to be a little more satirical,” he says.

Jonas has a new novel on the way, but it’s a bit different from the one he wrote last year.

Jonas is using a new system to make it easier for readers to read.

“When I first started writing, I was trying to be very careful about writing things that I knew were going to be hard to read,” he explains.

“So when I got to this point where I’m able to get the novel out there, I’m not trying to rewrite anything.

I’m just writing this really easy story.”

That way, readers can follow along without having to read the whole thing.

“My biggest goal is to make the novel as easy to read as possible,” Jonas adds.

The first novel, called “The Unwritten,” is scheduled to hit shelves in 2019.

The story follows a teenage boy named Aaron who becomes involved with an underground group called The Unwritten and meets his future wife.

Jonas believes the novel is a perfect vehicle for the “weirdness” of a teen relationship.

“This story really touches on the weirdness of teen dating,” he tells Bleacher.

“But it’s also kind of the weirdest and most absurd of all of these relationships.”

The Unplayed, which has been nominated for five Nebula awards, has been translated into 30 languages.

“We’re really excited to see what people think of it,” Jonas explains.

If the novel makes it past the final edit stage, he plans to publish it in bookstores, on the internet and online in paperback and ebook form.

“If it does well enough that I get a publisher and start a publishing house, then that’s going to give me an opportunity to do something really weird,” he promises.


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