Kids in yoga pants: How to find the perfect child pose

Kids in child care have been a popular pose for parents and teachers for a long time.

In fact, one of the earliest child-care poses was the child pose, which was originally used by the Russian children’s school in the early 1900s.

Today, kids in child-style clothing pose a lot, from playing with their toys to making their own face masks.

Here are some fun child-poses that will take you back to the old days of being a child.

(The Washington Post) Kids in children’s clothing pose at a playground.

(Photo: Courtesy of the National Children’s Museum) Kids in child’s clothing in the classroom.

(Text: The Washington Post/Catherine J. Frompovich) Children in child clothes in the playground.

Kids enjoying a lunch break in a classroom.

Children enjoying a summer picnic at a park.

This is what a child’s pose looks like in a public park.

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)Kids in children-style outfits at the children’s museum in San Francisco.

(Credit: National Children´s Museum, San Francisco, California.)

Kids relaxing in the sun.

(Video: The Huffington Post/Bryan Wieners) This little girl is enjoying her lunch in a park at a family picnic.

(Courtesy of The National ChildrenĂ­s Museum, New York, New Jersey.)