Julia Child’s husband’s child support portal to be launched in India

Julia Child and her husband Josh are planning to launch a child support website in India to help those with children support their parents.

The children’s charity Childcare India is also working on similar projects.

“I’m happy to be launching this site as it will help children who are in a difficult situation and those who are struggling to pay support,” Julia Child said.

The couple had launched the website on February 17, 2017 and have been receiving support from people in India since.

Julia Child said that she is very excited to be able to expand on the idea.

As part of the launch, Childcare has already raised over $250,000 in just over two months, and is looking for additional funds to complete the site.

While Julia Child has been able to raise funds from the public, she said that there are also a few people who have donated through the website, and they will receive their money as soon as it is received.

Childcare has also partnered with a local non-profit to make the website accessible to the general public.

A spokesperson for Childcare said that the company is happy to partner with people to help the project and that they will provide further details on the launch.

Cinderella ChildCare is a non-governmental organisation which provides child care and support to children with special needs.

The organisation operates in the state of Bihar, India.

(Image credit: Julia Child)Julia has been a vocal supporter of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) since she started her own foundation in 2012.

Julia Child is also a member of CAS, and has given over $1 million to the organisation.

She said that CAS has helped thousands of children across the country.

“I want to help all the children who have lost their parents through this tragedy.

I have donated money to CAS and the organisation’s programmes to make sure that they are given the support that they need,” Julia said.

“I am very excited about this new venture.”


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