How to raise children in Israeli communities

Parents in Israel’s West Bank and Gaza are taking their kids to yoga classes at home, yoga classes that they do not see on television, yoga workshops, yoga competitions and even yoga classes taught by strangers in the streets of their neighborhoods.

In many cases, they are doing so with the understanding that the yoga classes are part of an organized community yoga program that teaches yoga in the spirit of a community.

But a recent survey of parents in the West Bank found that the children they teach at home are not the only ones being taught yoga.

The survey also found that only 1 in 5 parents were willing to teach their children yoga.

The survey asked parents what they do when they are not home, and parents in many cases said they do yoga at home with their children.

A few parents said that their children also go to yoga workshops at home.

The families who were willing were not shy about expressing their preference, as many of them had tried yoga with their own children.

A few mothers said they were willing, even though the children in the workshops did not look like they were in yoga class.

“They have good posture,” said one mother.

“When I was at home I was not aware that this was being done in my house.”

However, many of the mothers in the survey said that they were not willing to let their children join a yoga class for the same reason that they are unwilling to let them practice yoga with strangers in their neighborhood.

A mother said that when she had her son, she was able to watch him practice the yoga technique and not let him participate in the workshop.

“I did not allow him to join the workshop because I did not want him to have any contact with strangers,” said the mother.

“It’s an organized program,” said another mother.

A woman said that she did not see the benefit of allowing her child to participate in a yoga workshop in the same way that she allowed her son to.

“We do yoga together, and we teach the same yoga,” she said.

“He cannot do anything with anyone else, so why should he participate in something with strangers?”

“It doesn’t make sense to me, because there are other ways to practice yoga,” said a woman.

“I am happy for him to go to a yoga studio, to do yoga, and to do some yoga classes.”

Another woman said she was willing to allow her son in a program for the first time in his life, but she does not want to make him feel that the only yoga classes in the world are the ones taught by people who are not her friends.

“There are many other ways that you can practice yoga.

I don’t think there are any problems in it,” she told The Jerusalem Report.

Some of the parents in this survey were willing not to share their child’s information with the media, and others said that the parents they are sharing their information with have not been supportive of the process.

“My son was scared, and I did everything I could to get him to stay home,” said Tzvi Lior, a father of three.

“There are no problems with his participation in the program, because I have always supported him.

My son is happy that he is participating.”

Another mother, who asked to remain anonymous, said that her son was a very good student in the class.

“He didn’t show any problems.

I was very worried about him,” said her mother.

But for many parents, the program has become more of a ritual.

They are not willing, for example, to teach yoga classes for the second time in their lives.

“The family does not know how to do anything else,” said Moti Bar-El, who lives in the village of Sakhon.

“The children are not in any other place.”


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