How to lock up your children

What is a child cabinet lock?

A child cabinet is a piece of furniture that can be locked to a child’s bedroom door, or to a wall of your home.

Key points: Child cabinets are used in Australia and many other countries to lock children to their beds, in particular for school holidays, but they’re often overlooked by many parentsWhat is a toddler cabinet?

It’s a small door that can only be opened with a child under the age of 12.

Children use the cabinets to protect them and other furniture.

The cabinets can be used for a variety of reasons, including to protect the child from an intruder, or in some cases, to provide a place to store other things like toys.

What are the pros and cons of a toddler cabinets lock?

Read more about toddler cabinets.

A toddler cabinet lock is not a universal solution, and parents can make the choice to use it for their child.

It’s also a good idea to make sure the lock is fitted correctly.

If you’re using a toddler Cabinet to protect your child from other things in the house, it’s important to make certain it’s securely attached to the wall so they can’t get in, as they can easily break the lock.

Read moreAbout child cabinetsHow to lock your childrens bedrooms or other roomA child cabinets lock can be purchased online, or you can also buy them yourself. 

Find out more about locking childrens rooms. 

Read moreIf you have a child who’s at home with you, it may be important to keep them safe from other dangers in your home, such as pets or people.

In some cases it may also be appropriate to lock them in the bedroom of the house where you live, so that they don’t get into the bedroom while you’re away.

How to set up a toddler bedroom lockFor a toddler cabin to work, the locks must be in place at least 10 days before the child is due to be home.

This can be set up in a couple of different ways.

The first option is to purchase a toddler lock.

It is usually the most common option, but there are other options, such a child cabinets key ring, and a child key ring that’s attached to a lock.

You’ll need to ensure you’re storing the lock securely and you’re aware of the lock’s function before you buy it.

A toddler lock is a key that’s connected to a key ring.

Find out how to set one up. 

Key rings for childrenKeys are a simple way of securing your child’s room or bedroom to a locking system, by connecting them to a series of locks.

These locks are made of metal and are usually fitted with a keyring.

A key ring is a ring that connects to a specific lock.

Find out what a key is.

What to do if your toddler has access to your homeIf your child has access access to the home, you’ll want to lock it.

You can lock your childs bedroom or home with a toddler keyring, or a lock that is designed to work with a lock system.

Find more about how to lock rooms in your household. 

In some areas, it can be useful to lock doors using a keychain, and this can be made of the same type of lock as the one used for your toddler locks.

If you’ve chosen to use a toddler locksmith, you can arrange for them to come and set up the lock in your bedroom.

You may also need to consider setting up a secure lock room or safe in your house.

Find all the child lock options you can choose from. 

What you need to know about lock codesThe lock codes that come with your toddler lock can help you identify if the lock has been locked properly, and if it needs to be unlocked.

For example, if your child locks their bedroom door or bedroom door by using a combination of a key and a lock, you should check to see if the key has been changed since it was last used.

If the lock code hasn’t been updated, it could be a key code that has been accidentally entered, or it could simply be a code that’s been entered incorrectly.

Read about lock code lookup.

What you should know about toddler locksIf your toddler is still locked in their bedroom, it is important that you ensure they have access to their safe, and that they’re not in any danger while you are away.

If you can, ensure you have lock codes for their bedroom and other rooms, so they’re always up to date.

Read all the information you need about locking your children’s bedrooms. 

You can check your lock codes online, at your local hardware store, or by visiting your local council’s website.

Read your lock code and make sure you have accessWhen your child is locked in the room or house they live in, you may want to call the local council, or call the police if there’s an emergency.

If there are children in your family, you might also


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