FourFour Two: The real reason we pay child support

4Four Two’s James Joyce, who wrote a book about his relationship with his mother and who died in 2013, is one of the people I’m paying child support.

I’ve got six kids, but I’m the one who pays for everything.

My youngest is 16, so he’s paying the rent, the bills, everything.

I’m getting $100 a fortnight for each child I’ve had.

So why?

It’s partly because I’m old and I’m in a good place financially.

I have the money, the house, the car.

It just makes sense.

I think it’s because I’ve got a bit of a history with my mother, so I’m used to getting on with my life.

I haven’t had the kids since I was about 13.

Then there’s my younger sister, who’s 15, and her brother, who is 15.

They’re the only ones that I haven.

When I was growing up, I never really felt like I had a relationship with my father, but now I’m really in love with him, and I’ve never really looked at it like I’m going to have to pay.

There’s a lot of things I feel like I should be doing.

I should probably go to university.

I shouldn’t be taking on more work.

I just don’t think I should.

Is it hard for you to leave the house?

I’m not really thinking about it.

It’s just a question of, “Do I want to?”

Do you pay child tax?

Yes, I pay about $100-150 a week.


I think there’s this stereotype about women who do it because they don’t want to pay child taxes, but it’s actually a lot more complicated than that.

You might think you’re a girl who’s got the money and the job and everything.

And then there’s all the people around you, and they’re just trying to get on with their lives.

What is it like for a child to live with you?

If you don’t have a child, you’re going to get really tired and maybe get angry at your mum, and then you’re not going to be able to have a relationship.

I feel that’s why I feel it’s important for me to stay with my mum and be with her, and also that’s what it’s really about.

Do I pay child maintenance?

Yeah, sometimes.

But I have a few other things that I don’t really pay for.

Are you paying child maintenance on your own?

Not really.

How much do you pay?

Well, my partner pays the $100 or so a fortnight.

He has a business and he pays his bills.

Does that mean you’re paying $500-600 a week?

No, that’s my partner.

I pay him the money.

Can you afford to pay a full-time job?


I would like to.

But it’s not going into my pocket.

Who pays for the other stuff?

My partner.

Has anyone else paid child support on your behalf?

Only me.

I don, however, pay child care.

Did you know that your partner’s mother also gets a full cent on the $200 a week you get from your father?

You should know, my mum was a great woman.

We’re not a married couple, so it’s hard.

I was going to tell my mum I wanted to get married and have a family, but she said: “You can’t.

You have to live on the income.

If you don´t have a job, you’ll be homeless.”

So it’s the same for you?

It’s the only thing we have in common.


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