Florida child support system ‘broken’ after child murder scandal

A Florida child welfare agency says its system is “broken” after a scandal that has led to the arrests of dozens of child molesters and resulted in the closure of nearly 30 facilities nationwide.

Key points:Child advocates say the Florida system is broken, and advocates want it fixedThe agency’s top officials are under investigation for allegedly violating state laws that prohibit child abuse and neglectThe agency is under fire for what they say is its failure to address child abuse, neglect, and child pornographyThe agency has said it is investigating some of the allegations and the child advocates say they have evidence the system is in violation of state law.

The Broward County Child Protective Services office has issued an apology, saying its personnel acted appropriately in handling the situation and said the agency is taking immediate steps to address the situation.

“Our agency, like many others in the State of Florida, has a history of failure to effectively address the child abuse that has been documented in the past,” agency Director Jennifer Fennell said in a statement.

The agency says the child welfare system was not properly monitored in the years before the child was killed and has been unable to find answers about what happened.

“We cannot and will not allow this type of abuse to happen again, so that no other child is in this situation,” Fennells statement said.

Florida child support is supposed to be paid to children as they grow up, but advocates say that often does not happen because children are not properly vetted and the payments are not enough to cover the costs of living for the children.

Child abuse and child neglect, which are crimes, are rampant in the United States.

In Florida, children ages 14 and younger can be removed from their parents custody and placed with foster parents, who have legal authority to provide care for them, and in some cases, children can be placed with their biological parents.

According to the state, in the last three years, more than 2,000 children have been removed from the custody of parents in Florida because they were abused, neglected, or sexually exploited.

In addition to the child deaths, the scandal also has led a number of other cases to come to light, including the arrest of an attorney who was allegedly involved in a child pornography ring that used a child for pornography.

Child advocates are calling on lawmakers to pass legislation that would require that child support be paid as a lump sum.

They have also called on the agency to investigate the claims against its top officials.

In Florida, the child support payment system is called a “contingent support payment.”

Contingent means that a child will get money based on the amount of time a parent is absent from their home and is not available to care for their child.

Child welfare experts have said that when the payments fall below certain levels, they are called “contributory support” and should not be considered “parental” support.

The payments must be paid within a specified time period.

In 2015, the Florida Legislature passed a bill that required that child welfare agencies collect child support payments based on a person’s age and whether they are physically or mentally capable of supporting the child, regardless of whether they were physically present at the time of the child’s death.

The bill, which passed in 2017, was meant to be a temporary measure to help children in need, and not be used to pay child support for children who were killed before the law took effect.


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