Child support to be reduced in new system

The Government has announced it will introduce a new child support system that will be simpler, fairer and more flexible.

The new system will see the payment of child support for the first time being calculated on the basis of the full amount of a parent’s income.

Child Support Agency Queensland said this would mean it would no longer be necessary for parents to rely on the income of their partner to secure their children’s support.

Under the existing system, payments for children aged between 18 and 18-month-old are assessed on the gross amount of the parents’ gross income, rather than the gross income of the parent.

Currently, the payments are based on gross income when they come due.

But the new system, which will see payments for child support payable based on the full income of a child, will reduce this to the gross sum of the couple’s gross income and a child support allowance.

“A lot of the money that’s going into the child support budget now is a direct result of the child poverty issue and that’s why this is an important step to reduce that,” Ms Bishop said.

Ms Bishop said the new rules would also ensure that a parent who is eligible for a payment would not lose the support if they do not have a child to support.

“If a parent is able to have their child supported, they will be able to do so,” she said.

“That means that they will have a lot more options to support their child and that will make it a little bit easier to get on with life.”

Ms Bishop has also promised that the changes will result in a reduction in the number of payments that parents have to make.

She said she hoped the changes would be implemented within two years.

Children’s commissioner for Queensland said the changes to child support payments would help reduce the amount of child maintenance payments paid by some parents.

Barrister in the Family Court Peter McCurdy said the reforms would reduce the costs of child care, as well as make it easier for parents who were able to get a child care certificate.

Mr McCurdy also said he hoped the new systems would reduce child poverty in Queensland.

He said he was concerned that many people did not understand that the Government had proposed the changes.

”There is a very real risk that the children will go back to being under the care of parents who don’t understand them, who don\’t know what they are doing, and that\’s not acceptable,” he said.

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