A new lawsuit seeks to get $30 million in child support from child advocate in California

A new child support lawsuit filed in the California state courts is asking a judge to award a California mother $30,000 in child care expenses and $15,000 to cover child support payments.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

It seeks to overturn the state’s child support program, which allows parents to receive $1,300 a month for each child in their household.

The suit, filed by Susan J. Dolan, a Los Angeles resident and mother of three, alleges that in September, 2016, Dolan paid child support for a child who was under her care at the time.

The suit also claims that the child, whose name is redacted, was in the care of Dolan and her mother when it was time to terminate their relationship.

Dolan’s lawyer, Paul D. Ceglia, declined to comment, but he told the Los Vegas Review Journal that Dolan is seeking $10,000 and an additional $3,000 from the child support system to cover her child support obligations.

Ceglia said that the amount is “reasonable” considering the circumstances.

“I don’t know what else you could possibly want from child support,” he said.

“I don [think] that this is a good situation.”

Cegli said that while Dolan’s children have attended public schools, she has not paid child-support payments on the child she is supposed to support.

“She is the sole parent of this child, she is the primary caretaker of this children life,” Cegli told the Review Journal.

“What I think that’s the saddest part is she’s not paying child support.

She’s getting child support.”

Caglia said Dolan has been “uncooperative” and said she would be willing to provide evidence of child support, but that she would not do so if Dolan would not cooperate.

Dola’s attorney, John A. Novelli, told the paper that the mother has never had a relationship with her children.

The L.A. Times reported that the suit names the Child Support Enforcement Division, the Office of Child Support, the California Department of Finance and the California Court System as defendants.

The court case was filed by a coalition of local advocacy groups including Child Support Advocates for Child Custody and Child Support (CSACCS) and Child Care Center Advocates, which is headed by Dolan.

Doster’s attorney told the newspaper that the case is “a continuation of a pattern of failure by child support agencies” in California.

“The child support is a form of child abuse,” Coglia told the L.L.

A Times.

“If there’s any child who is going to be harmed by the child-care system, it’s the children.

The child-custody system is a fraud.

It’s a scam.”

The L-shaped-lid child support schedule is designed to protect parents from having to file for bankruptcy or pay tens of thousands of dollars in child-filing fees.

Under that system, parents who owe child support can receive a refund from their custodial parent.

However, that refund is based on a percentage of the total amount owed, not the full amount.

In March, California voters approved a law that mandates child-centred child support schedules.

The state has said it wants to see more child-friendly child-rearing arrangements and also hopes to reform the system by 2018.

California has more than 300 child-free courts, but a child support order can be issued on the spot, which means the parents cannot receive a second chance.

In the last election, Doster’s opponent, State Senator Kevin de Leon, ran on a platform of getting child-focused child-centered child support orders into law.

De Leon was among a number of lawmakers who opposed a proposed bill that would have allowed parents to pay child support directly to the custodial parents, instead of the court.

“This would have helped parents who didn’t have enough money to pay their child support and it would have made child support much more equitable,” de Leon told the Times.

Dameron, who is white, is one of more than 20 child-rights advocates who have filed similar child-centric child-related child support lawsuits in California, according to the Review, including in Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.

D-District Judge Catherine Johnson has yet to rule on the case.


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