A New Hope for Children’s Advocacy Center

Children’s advocacy center at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Children’s Defense Fund (DCF) is opening its doors for the first time to help provide resources to families, workers, and others impacted by the Harvey disaster.

The new center will be part of DCF’s new Center for Children and Families and will offer an array of services including legal, medical, mental health, and family support services.

The center will also offer a wide variety of educational programs, including a virtual learning center and educational opportunities, as well as community support and community outreach.

The center will provide counseling, information, support, and referrals for the most vulnerable children, and will also provide emotional support, guidance, and education to families who have lost a child during the storm.

It is part of a $50 million fundraising effort launched in response to the hurricane.

The DCF will continue to provide financial support for children impacted by Harvey and its aftermath through the DCF Hurricane Relief Fund, which is now open for new donations, according to the organization’s spokesperson.

The Harvey disaster is estimated to cost the District at least $7.8 billion.