Mackenzie Childs: ‘There’s something missing’ in her life after her first child was born

When Mackenzie first heard that her baby was born, her first thought was, “Oh my god.”But she says it was something else entirely: The child was the love of her life.“I knew she would love me, I was just shocked,” Mackenzie says.“There was nothing about it, no reaction.”It was a beautiful moment, but the moment […]

Children smile in the presence of family and loved ones in Manitoba

Children have been shown smiling in the face of loved ones for the first time in Manitoba’s history.The children are being cared for at the Winnipeg Children’s Hospital and are receiving treatment for seizures and developmental disabilities.The hospital’s executive director of children and family services, Dr. Jennifer Regan, said the smiles were part of a […]

How Maryland Child Support Enforcement Department operates

MARYLAND: Child Support enforcement department uses a range of tactics to tackle child support cases, according to the agency’s internal document, which was reviewed by of the most effective ways to tackle cases of child support is through the court process.This is done by referring the matter to the Court of Appeal, which will […]

‘I was shocked’: Child care provider reveals she was left ‘shocked’ by child abuse

Children who have been sexually abused are often confused, ashamed, and confused about their own safety, says a child care provider who was once abused.Kristen Goss is an autism specialist at a Los Angeles-area child care center and has been working with children with autism for the past seven years.Goss has worked with children and […]

How to pay child support

A child custody attorney in Idaho can earn up to $60,000 a year, depending on the number of children the lawyer represents, according to a report by the Idaho Center for Investigative Reporting (ICIR).The Center’s report, Child Support: A New Perspective, shows that the average attorney for the state of Idaho earned $61,835 in 2016.The […]

What a new child psychologist taught me about empathy

Child psychologists teach empathy by examining children, and they’ve come to recognize that there are two types of empathy.First, there’s the cognitive empathy that children develop from their experiences with their caregivers.Second, there is the emotional empathy that parents can teach their children.Here’s what psychologists say about these two types.

Child abduction: Police believe two-year-old girl was abducted from park and brought to Perth by her mother and father

Police have identified two-month-old baby Jade from Perth’s east coast as the baby who was kidnapped from her park by her parents.Key points:Police have released CCTV of a vehicle they believe may be linked to Jade’s abductionPolice have spoken to the parents and say the baby was abducted at a park in the city’s east […]


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